Deeper Perceptions A deeper approach to the weekly Torah reading (2015)

Perceptions is a weekly parshah sheet based largely on the Talmud. Deeper Perceptions gpes a little further relying more on Kabbalistic sources, in particular the “Leshem Shevo v’Achlamah,” to point out deeper meanings in the weekly Torah reading.



2016: World of Change: Why 2016 is a pivotal year  (2015)

5766 is a post Shmittah year, and always signals some kind of historic change. 2016 is the English year, and is destined to lead to the same. Given the direction of history and certain Kabbalistic points, the change may actually be to the Final Redemption.

Gate of Reincarnations English translation of Sha’ar HaGilgulim (2015), 920 pages

This is an English translation of the Arizal’s work on reincarnation. The original Hebrew text is side-by-side with the English to assure accuracy and easy reference by the reader. It is also heavily annotated and includes diagrams.

Gate of Reincarnations in PDF and Kindle formats

This is the same material as the hardcover version above except in PDF format and broken up into two sections, Book 1 (chapters 1-35), and Book 2 (chapters 36-41). The Kindle version does not contain the original Hebrew.




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