If Only I Were Wealthy 

The Jewish view on wealth (1992)

Among the many things that the confrontation between Ya’akov and Eisav teaches us is the Torah view of money and wealth. It turns out that you can wealthy even before becoming rich, and be rich, and yet not wealthy.

If Only I Understood Why  A Torah view of suffering (1993)

Suffering seems to be an inevitable part of life. For some, it is a path to achieving personal greatness, while for others, it is a source of personal ruin. Why suffer, and how does one make the best of it?

If Only I Could See The Forest  A Torah view of knowledge and wisdom (1994)

One might have thought that becoming smarter also means becoming wiser. In truth, sometimes the two often work in opposite directions. Understanding why this is so is crucial for a meaningful life and preserving mankind.

The Y Factor  A compelling reason to look even if you don’t believe (1994)

Everyone wants to be happy. The problem is that not everyone defines happiness the same way, which has resulted in countless wars and incredible destruction. Is the one true source of happiness, and if yes, why do so many people overlook it?