Drowning in Pshat  A deeper look at the Final Redemption (2012)

It is not a question of “if,” but of “when.” The End-of-Days will come, and based upon prophecy, they sound as if they will be a real challenge. Based upon history and Kabbalah, they seem as if they are closer than most think. Are you ready for them?

The Last Exile  What is really is and how to leave it for good (2012)

Jewish history has not been simple. It has also not been very pleasant at times, to say the least. There is a very important reason for this, and understanding it makes it easier to survive such difficult times and prepare for better ones.

The Light of 36  Accessing the Hidden Light of Creation on a daily basis (2012)

The Talmud is the main topic of learning in yeshivos around the world, as well as for many others who have entered the work force. But even they do not always understand its full importance, and why those who learn it should be supported.

All In Your Mind A collection of essays about how we think and ought to think (2011)

It is amazing what a few key sources can do for one’s understanding of life and history. In fact, they can end up being the difference between a peaceful end to history, and a turblent one.